Q: So far, how’s the year 2017 like for you?


A: Lit Lit Lit. Lots of meetings and travelling.
I have travelled to the US twice in 2 months. I presented and was in a panel at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
I attended Advocacy in Practice training and the United Nation’s 50th Commission on Population Development as a delegate with the International Sexual and Reproductive Rights Caucus. I have also been to London to attend a meeting for an advisory board I sit on.
I was also in the organizing committee and chair of Track 3 of the 8th National AIDS conference. It has been a busy half of 2017 indeed.
I have also managed to spend some quality time with my family in between all the work



Q: What would you like to achieve by the end of this year?


A: I would like to have a holiday with my family, once winter is over. I am making great connections with individuals and organizations who work in sexual and reproductive health and rights and by the end of the year I want those collaborations to be clearer and fruitful.



Q: What is your all time proudest moment in your life?


A: Graduating from medical school remains the proudest moment, only because of what that moment meant for my mother but also to the resilience of the spirit.


Q: What is your greatest passion in life?


A: Reproductive health is my passion, all aspects, from clinical work of seeing patients, to policy analysis and advocacy for equitable and provision of quality services. I enjoy the most the synergy between health communications and advocacy.


Q: How would you like to die?


A: Peaceful in my sleep and not any time soon, maybe about 90 years from now.


Q: What features do you most like in women?


A: ??? huhmmm I like women nje, I don’t have specific features.


Q: What are your winter favorite cooks?


A: Samp and oxtail
Peanut butter toast



Q: What sexual toys do you own?


A: Yoh, o rata ditaba, lol, let’s just say I have a luggage bag full of toys.


Q: Who are your favorite writers?


A: Elna McIntosh
Marion Stevens
Mitch Albom


Q: What is your dream for South African sexual minorities?


A: I wish policy makers, implementers and government would center people who are at the periphery of care. I dedicate my time and expertise, working daily to advocate for services which are affirming, respectful of autonomy and protect bodily integrity.



Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng (MBChB) is a Sexual and Reproductive Doctor (DISA Clinic – 011 – 886 2286); a black feminist, sexual and reproductive justice advocate whose work includes strategy and technical support, policy analysis, service provision, health content production. Areas of interest are Access to Safe abortion, LGBTIQA+ rights and health, Healthcare provider training, Decriminalisation of Sex Work. Follow her on Twitter: @drtlaleng and Like her page ‘Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng’ on Facebook.

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