The Chevrolet Feather Awards are an awards show that recognizes and celebrates the LGBTI community and iconic personalities and achievers who inspire the LGBTI community- as voted for by the LGBTI community and local media.


Once upon a time, a gay and another gay were bored so they thought, what fun is there for us gay men in this incredibly heteronormative society? They went on a great adventure to find what inspired excitement and inspiration there was and they found the entertainment industry. They decided then that they would set their lives’ mission to appreciating members of that industry who contributed positively to the LGBTI community.


The awards were created as a platform for the expression of LGBTI experiences- but as the wise gays say- when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when in entertainment, do the entertainment things; the celebrities, the fancy clothes, the fabulousness and all the works- not forgetting the mandate to create a platform from which Africa’s LGBTI people should be able to express their truths in a meaningful way.


With the aid of all of our fabulous partners, we have been able to create such a platform and are excited for the growth of all of our programmes.